Only non-combustible cladding materials achieve ‘fail safe’ standards that remove risk & ensure the safety of occupants.
Non-combustible, inert, solid aluminium is cheaper & lasts up to 5 times longer than ‘limited combustibility’ ACM products.
Buyers can readily assess product performance & technical capability by reference to past project comparables.

Featured Project

Barnet Homes

Barnet Homes non-combustable re-clad

Complete reclad of three tower blocks in just 25 weeks using non-combustable cladding.

BR135 Fire Test

In accordance withBR135, d+b facades carried out a successful fire test at the BRE, Garston.

The purpose of the fire test was to further reassure our customers of our systems performance fire.

The video shows the severe heat source capable of melting adjacent aluminium and flames unable to propagate from fire source, affirming the system is non-combustable.

br135 fire test video

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