NB; the design build form of contract is the only way to deliver the Hackitt stakeholder, one party singularly responsible for the end product being fit for purpose, but it must be pure, non-prescriptive or it becomes ambiguous, leading to failure. This exclusive service makes us extra vigilant, hence we have zero failures, zero litigation and every completed project completed during our extended +20 year history, continues to perform, providing desirable, sustainable accommodation for our discerning clients.


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View this 2021 fast-track re-clad completed in just 12 months with minimum disruption delivering an enhanced, 100% fire-safe, environmentally-sustainable facade which exceeds current building regulation standards by 20%

High-quality accommodation and reduced carbon emissions

View recent footage of one of our earliest overcladding projects completed in 1990. It has required no maintenance yet today still looks and performs ‘as new’ and meets 2020 standards

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Proven Longevity

View this commercial tower block redevelopment completed in 2003 providing fully-modernised accommodation that is in constant high demand and meets 2020 standards

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Sustainable Regeneration

View overcladding completed on 3 private tower blocks in Walton-Upon-Thames in 2017 which meets 2020 standards

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Elegant Facades

30 years proven performance as-designed

Zero failures, zero litigation, zero ACM or EWS legacy, every project continuing to perform, meeting 2020 standards, set to provide desirable accommodation for generations to come – sustainable cladding you can trust





We are responsible for ‘fit for purpose’

Founded on 30 years & zero failures

Based on 30-year-old past project precedent

Lasting desirable accommodation


Chalcots Estate

The UK got cladding wrong on a massive scale and is in the process of investing huge sums putting it right, if this sounds precarious it’s because it is, please see the following to show the UK is getting re-cladding wrong, due primarily to a design and dump approach as opposed to pure design and build.

Overcladding and Carbon Reduction

By 2050 the UK is committed to reducing its net emissions of greenhouse gases by 100% relative to 1990 levels.

Meeting CDM and
Building Safety Regulations

Appointing contractors you can trust to deliver safe and compliant systems has never been more important. Key to ensuring clients meet CDM and Building Safety Regulations, is ensuring they chose a contractor with the right skills, knowledge and experience (SKE) to deliver cladding works safely and compliantly.

d+b facades have 30 years of proven SKE, with zero fire failures, zero litigation and zero PI claims.


Resident inclusion is essential to delivering safe and successful projects and was a key message of the Hackitt report. We pride ourselves in delivering an excellent and collaborative service when working with residents and leaseholders. But don’t take our word for it, check out what our residents had to say in this video.