Dudhope Court,

  • Client: Dundee City Council
  • Programme: 30 weeks (1989)
  • Contract Value: £1.3m


Meticulous planning was required to enclose the balconies and provide new cladding to 49 individual elevations.


“Dudhope Court was the first high-rise residential building in Dundee. At the time of original construction the building was clad in render but water penetration occurred and as a result the render eventually detached itself. Render is a bad idea for high-rise buildings! In order to stabilise, make-safe and resolve the water penetration issue, remedial works were required. To prevent recurrence on this or other local authority high-rise buildings in Dundee, a strategic decision was taken to replace with a high-performance specification building envelope.

Since refurbishment more than 20 years ago the building has required no external maintenance and has been problem-free. Thermal performance has been significantly increased and consequently delivers a low cost-in-use. Whilst originally built to accommodate the over 50’s, fewer controls are now in force and the present occupancy is mixed tenure. Dudhope Court is in high-demand, the most tenant-favoured high-rise accommodation in the City”.

Mike Keddie, Head of Architectural Section Dundee City Council

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