Rainscreen Cladding Procurement


Many buildings from the 1960’s and 70’s have core structures that are robust and have undergone a rolling programme of internal refurbishment, however many also retain their original building envelope which is poorly insulated, visually unappealing, increasingly expensive to heat and maintain, has high operational carbon emissions and does nothing to enhance the asset value.

Irrespective of market sector, for financial, social and environmental reasons these legacy buildings cannot be left in their original condition nor demolished and rebuilt.

The sustainable solution is overcladding which restrains and protects the existing structure from further deterioration, transforms the appearance and delivers contemporary building performance for a fraction of the cost of demolishing and rebuilding.

Providing a high-quality approach is adopted from the outset, overcladding delivers future-proofed buildings which are desirable and in demand, securing their long-term future for generations to come.