…. is a highly complex process and key to project outcome. Procuring through the range of market leading frameworks allow clients a simple route to d+b facades ‘turnkey service’ that ensures fast, efficient, high quality, fully compliant building envelopes that are proven to deliver value for money.

Procurement Framework Accreditations

Our Approach to Procurement

Our unique Skills, Knowledge and Experience (SKE) are best procured using a 2 stage, Design Build process. Stage 1involves ‘preconstruction activities’ comprising a desktop review of existing building information, followed by the opening up and surveying of the existing structure, the production of ‘as built’ drawings and the development of design options, samples and proposals with continuous reporting on all aspects of the project to the client team, to inform collective, holistic decision making & quickly arrive at the optimum solution for the works. The proposals are then presented in a full size, insitu mock-up, accompanied by a fully detailed written ‘offer’ to carry out the stage 2, ‘construction phase’ of the works. At this point the client team has the option to either proceed or not………thus maintaining financial pressure on the Contractor to deliver best value throughout the entire procurement process………….if the choice is to ‘proceed’, the project delivery is de-risked for all parties to progress in a fully informed, controlled manner with certainty of outcome……………


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