Our System’s Fire Rating

Our system comprises only inert, solid aluminium panels with mineral wool insulation and fire breaks that are non-combustible Euroclass A1 fire rating and has proven ‘in service’ fire performance.

The following data sheets are for each individual component of our system including the aluminium cladding panels, the mineral wool insulation, the mineral wool fire breaks and the powder coating applied to the cladding panels. Each data sheet has the key information relating to fire performance highlighted in yellow.


Our proprietary high-quality overcladding is a pressure-equalised, back-ventilated, insulated aluminium rainscreen cassette system secretly fixed to an aluminium framework which is secured to the existing structure by stainless steel connections.

The rainscreen is integrated with high-performance windows by aluminium window pods and readily interfaces with other systems including curtain walling using proprietary extrusion profiles.

This system has been proven for more than 25 years during which time severe fire has occurred and been successfully contained – see extract in below “proven ‘in service’ fire performance section”. The system comprises only inert aluminium and stainless steel fixings with anticipated service life well in excess of 60 years.

For Overcladding to be successful it must last a very long time and provide modern desirable accommodation. The d+b facades system is proven to last and continue to look good for the duration of its extended life, retaining its ‘as-new’ appearance without the need for periodic maintenance.

High-Rise System Description

Aluminium Overcladding

HE/FE System Description

Aluminium Overcladding


Extract from Parliamentary Select Committee – Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence regarding Hyde Park

“Since the installation of the overcladding there has been a serious fire on Block A at deck access level. The fire whilst breaking out onto the façade through the glazing was successfully restricted to a small area of the façade and failed to move beyond the installed fire barriers.”