Video Catalogue


Byron and Linden Towers, Slough (original – Newest and Oldest Building) ‘Fast Track Reclad’ link

Byron and Linden Towers, Slough (new version July 2022), ‘Turn-Key Energy Performance’ link

Wellington Close, Walton-on-Thames link

Hyde Park, Sheffield link

The Pinnacle, Willenhall link

Residential showreel (Hyde Park, Sheffield & The Pinnacle, Willenhall) link


Tower Block, Highbury College link

Boyd Orr Building, University of Glasgow – Textured Paint System link

HE/FE showreel link (James Parsons and Engineering Blocks, Liverpool John Moores & Richmond Building, University of Bradford & Davy and Smeaton Buildings, University of Plymouth)

Tamar Building, Cornwall College – Time Lapse link

Natural History Museum, Kensington link


Queens Building, Bristol Royal Infirmary link

Huddersfield presentation link

Aintree University Hospital link


Natural History Museum, Kensington link

Hexagon Building (mock-up), Manchester link

Hexagon Building (half-way), Manchester link

Multi Disciline

design build facades Montage Showreel link

design build facades Homepage Montage Showreel link

What do Residents think? link (Wellington Close, Walton-on-Thames/The Pinnacle, Willenhall/Byron and Linden, Slough)


Fire Test BR135 link

design build Cladding System Assembly link

Tower Block, Aintree University Hospital (200mm Window Fold Openers) link

Construction Anchor (Huddersfield) link

Construction Window Removal and Internal Fit Out (Huddersfield) link

Construction Firebreak, Insulation and Panels (Huddersfield) link

Construction Siniat, Rails, Window Pods and EPDM (Huddersfield) link

Construction Window Pod Assembly (Huddersfield) link

CWCT Weathertightness link

Examples of failed EWI link