Wellington Close


Welcome to d+b facades ‘construction phase’ page for Wellington Close


Three mirrored blocks at Wellington Close, Walton-On-Thames consist of a ten-storey high-rise with adjoining two-storey low-rise, the blocks were originally built in the 1960’s and their construction consists of a concrete frame with curtain wall and brick infills. The three towers are freehold owned and accommodate a total of 132 two-bedroom apartments providing affordable living within the local area of Walton-On-Thames.

The new high quality and non-combustible overcladding system will thermally upgrade the building helping to retain heat during winter cold spells and keep the building cool during summer hot spells this is in addition to providing a modern aesthetically pleasing “brand new” appearance.


24 Hours

Primary support structure + windows are complete to block A tower and block A spur, fire barriers and insulation are being installed progressively as panel schedules arrive onsite. Removal of old windows and installation of new internal window linings are now well underway.

Installation of Access + scaffold protection to the front entrance of block B tower is also in progress.

7 Days

Roofing works are underway to both block A Tower and Spur block B roofs, the failed damp screed to the tower roof has nearly been removed in its entirety. New roof insulation is being laid turning the cold concrete slab warm and providing residents with much welcome thermal gains. Spur block B roofing works are nearing completion. Block A external wall insulation/ fire barriers and panels are being installed to both tower and spur blocks progressively as material consignments arrive onsite, the new balcony balustrade installation is now also in progress to block A tower.

28 Days

External window installation to the tower and spur block is now complete, old windows are removed internally and new internal window surrounds fitted – suitable dates are arranged in advance with tenants/ leaseholders via db facades TLO.

Fire barrier and insulation is being installed externally to both block A tower and spur + cladding panels installed progressively as materiel consignments arrive.

New roof covering installation remains ongoing to both block A Tower and block B Spur (roofs will be maintained weather tight at all times).

Access and scaffold protection installation is underway to block B’s front entrance & support structure installation is underway to block B spur.


Construction works for each tower block is programmed to take 30 weeks with works starting on Block A 01/10/18, works to Blocks B+C will follow completing all construction work by 90 weeks;

Block A – week 1 to week 30
Block B – week 30 to week 60
Block C – week 60 to week 90




Please see below progress tables and photos showing progress to both Block A Tower + low rise blocks (11/03/2019)


Project Manager

Simon Enticknap


Over-Cladding Supervisor

Ashley Hallett


Over-Cladding Supervisor

Erl Kitchen


Tennant Liason Officer

Mercy Mene-Otubu



Site Manager

Mark Addison


If residents have questions or queries please direct them to – mercy@dbfacades.com