Wellington Close


Welcome to d+b facades ‘construction phase’ page for Wellington Close


Three mirrored blocks at Wellington Close, Walton-On-Thames consist of a ten-storey high-rise with adjoining two-storey low-rise, the blocks were originally built in the 1960’s and their construction consists of a concrete frame with curtain wall and brick infills. The three towers are freehold owned and accommodate a total of 132 two-bedroom apartments providing affordable living within the local area of Walton-On-Thames.

The new high quality and non-combustible overcladding system will thermally upgrade the building helping to retain heat during winter cold spells and keep the building cool during summer hot spells this is in addition to providing a modern aesthetically pleasing “brand new” appearance.


24 Hours

Primary Anchor installation and support stryucture is currently underway, the site team will be drilling and setting all primary support anchors initially to the tower block then followed by the lower spur block. Drilling will be kept to a minimum to avoid disruption as is reasonably practicable, there will be no noisy works undertaken outside 0800-1730 Mon-Fri.

7 Days

The new cladding support structure installation is now underway, this involves drilling into the existing structure. All noisy works will be kept to a minimum and completed only within the hours of 0800-1730 Mon-Fri.

28 Days

All opening windows will be restricted so public cannot inadvertently reach out onto the construction site/ come in contact with moving access equipment. We will also apply a safety film to the existing windows turning them into “safety glass”, the safety film will also provide residents privacy as the glass will become obscure meaning the external workforce cannot clearly see in.


Repairs to the existing structure and installation of the Cladding support structure is now underway and will continue over the oncoming weeks in preparation for the new windows and panels.

  • All Block A balconies should now be cleared ready for construction works to commence


Construction works for each tower block is programmed to take 30 weeks with works starting on Block A 01/10/18, works to Blocks B+C will follow completing all construction work by 90 weeks;

Block A – week 1 to week 30
Block B – week 30 to week 60
Block C – week 60 to week 90




To be updated during the first week of construction.


Project Manager

Simon Enticknap


Over-Cladding Supervisor

Erl Kitchen


Over-Cladding Supervisor

Ashley Hallett


Tennant Liason Officer

Mercy Mene-Otubu


If residents have questions or queries please direct them to – mercy@dbfacades.com