Denning Point is a 23-storey residential tower in Aldgate, Tower Hamlets, owned and managed by EastEnd Homes (EEH). Originally constructed in 1968, the concrete facade was clad with combustible ACM in 2014. Following the Grenfell Tower fire EEH responded by removing the combustible cladding as quickly as possible. EEH’s main contractor for the Denning Point works, Kiers Specialist Services, appointed d+b facades to re-clad the building in order to meet A1 Fire classification, the system chosen comprising solid aluminium cladding panels, mineral wool insulation, full-fill cavity barriers in horizontal positions and intumescent cavity barriers in vertical positions.

The client and local planning officers were keen to ensure that the appearance of the re-clad building closely resembled the appearance pre-works. d+b facade’s innovative technical solution involved cleverly re-using the original support structure which was already set out for the existing geometry of the building and to correct line and level. This approach not only expedited project delivery and reduced cost, it also lessened noise to residents throughout the delivery process and by re-using the existing support structure environmental waste was minimised.

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