Natural History Museum,

The Natural History Museum, Kensington (NHM), is a world-class museum with more than 80 million objects and an acclaimed research institution. The Palaeontology Building was constructed in the early 1970’s from pre-cast concrete and featured curtain walling with black spandrel panels. The curtain walling had begun to fail allowing water ingress, threatening the collections and important scientific work within.

d+b facades was appointed to replace the entire curtain walling and also undertake the delicate cleaning and repair of the surrounding concrete. This was an extremely challenging project requiring specialist skills.

Client: Natural History Museum

Building: Palaeontology Building

Programme: November 2020 – March 2021

Contract Value: £2.1m

Procurement Method: Single action tender

d+b facades recycled 100% of the concrete/hardcore, cardboard, paper, plate glass, timber & metal


  • Works had to follow strict protocols during the peak of the Covid-19 period
  • The building had to be weathertight at all times and the priceless artefacts protected from vibration
  • Given the form of the building, the scaffolding arrangements were complex
  • Given the historic nature of the building, standards of concrete repair and cleaning had to be agreed with NHM prior to commencement through trials of sample areas
  • The site was central London with storage and delivery constraints and a very high local pedestrian footfall


  • Significant design and delivery challenges were overcome and the project was completed on time, on budget with minimal disruption
  • The Building’s life has been extended by more than 60 years
  • The project exemplifies d+b facades’ commitment to the environment and its principles of sustainability with 100% of the project’s concrete/hardcore, cardboard, paper, plate glass, timber and metal being recycled

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